Sunday, December 8, 2013

2013 Roundup!

Phew! Talk about a year of ups and downs (oh, and where did 2013 go btw?)!

So, the first part of the year was filled with lots of teaching for Equinox (Diva Dance, Barre Burn, Classical Ballet)!  And wow...KD has amazing students!  We're talking people in the fashion industry, financial executives, fellow performers/dancers, full-time moms, casting directors, NY Times bestselling authors, and the list goes on!  It's a joy to inspire and shape up such a diverse and accomplished group (and many have become good friends too).

In the summer, because she wasn't apparently getting enough activity, KD decided to learn to surf.  Yes, you read that correctly. Doesn't seem like a normal hobby for someone living in NYC, but she was determined and even borrowed a friend's 8-foot surfboard and took it on the subway for 2 hours to East Rockaway to practice.

At the end of the summer she got a chance to go surf in Nicaragua and jumped!  Best. Time. Ever!

KD went to the all-girls surf camp ChicaBrava ( and had a spectacular adventure.  She even surfed Playa Hermosa, where they shot Survivor - Nicaragua. And when not in the water she went zip lining and hiking and did yoga and ate gelato.  Just the highlight of her year!

Yup!  That's KD catching a wave!

KD was also featured in a  video from that trip on the ChicaBrava website (with apres-surf wet hair no less). It definitely expressed her enthusiasm for Nicaragua and surfing (KD is definitely hooked on the sport and would go back to Nicaragua in a heartbeat...gorgeous!).

Then life decided to throw KD a curveball in October. An accidental fall from the ladder to the loft where she sleeps at 2 a.m. one morning left her with a severely broken foot (it was especially fun trying to hail a cab at that hour with a fractured foot). She suffered a Lisfranc injury (same injury as the quarterback of the Tennessee Titans at about the same time...maybe they should start a support group?). Three broken metatarsals and a displaced mid-foot. Surgery was necessary (three metal plates and a screw in the foot now...go big or go home right?) and the end of KD's year has been spent non-weight-bearing on crutches in a cast. Not fun for like the most active person on the planet interesting lesson that life truly can change in a second.  She's never been more grateful for the love and support of her family and all her friends! dancing or teaching or surfing from October on, but look out 2014. She'll be back on her feet soon and better than ever.

Oh, and obviously the writing is now on the forefront during foot rehab. There is a new book proposal in the works and perhaps a romance novel (something KD has been playing with for a while and always wanted to write:-).  

And there have been many more fun articles posted this year!  If you want to amuse yourself, check out some of the links at the end of this post!

Happy end of 2013 and may your 2014 sparkle with possibility!

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